LogoiX is a service that is offering a personal delivery address in Germany since 2003.
Now over 130,000 private and corporate customers as well as the professional mediation
and implementation of parcel and transport orders with selected logistics partners across
You purchase something online in Germany or in Europe?
The seller only delivers throughout Germany?
The shipping costs of your online purchase, e.g. your ebay order to Austria is too
→ Then Logoix is the easy and convenient way to still being able to order and receiving
your desired purchase/order.

What is Logoix?
• Personal delivery address in Germany
◦ a ''real home address'', no mailbox
• Receive everything!
◦ Parcels, bulky goods and pallets from all suppliers, couriers and forwarding
◦ Store your parcels in our warehouse for low fees
• Pick it up yourself in Freilassing, 6 days a week, or have it forwarded throughout
• Specially trained staff will check and record your shippings
• No fixed costs!
◦ Free online registration, no monthly fees, no minimum purchase/usage.
◦ You only pay for the items actually delivered and stored.
• Immediate notification!
◦ Free email notification.
◦ Optionally, sms or a personal phone call for every incoming shipment.

How to receive your package:
1. Personal collection in Freilassing
1. Our opening hours: Mo-Fr 9 am - 6pm; Sa 9am – 1pm
2. Have it picked up by a registered representative.
1. The representative must be entered in the customer portal.
3. Automatically forward parcels to an Austrian address.
1. There are no storage costs.

• You can either pay for all storage and forwarding services in cash or deduct them
from your Logoix customer account (credit account) or have them collected by
monthly debit.

Your Logoic customer account
• can be topped up at any time using cash, or by the ''Sofortüberweisung.de''
payment system or per bank transfer.